Someone by Your Side


Once upon a time I was in Egypt. Seemingly out of nowhere, the borders to cross back into Israel (where my ticket was due to fly out of, suddenly became unsafe).

Describing how I felt with the words freaked out, only begins to explain my emotional state. I did not know what to do, and had no idea how to change my ticket!

So, in all my brilliance, I called my travel agent. This was the only number I had. They helped me in this situation. I know a lot of you book your tickets or deals online for the lowest price, right? I have done this too, and have come to realize that when things go wrong? There usually isn’t someone to call! Yikes!

I like getting a good deal too. So, now, I check what kind of deals I can get with my travel agent and online. See, after traveling a bit, I now realize how INCREDIBLE it is to have a PERSON on your side to help navigate the changes and the inevitable surprises that do come up.

 He is fearless–look at him riding his horse in the water!! This was an activity on one of the cruises he took.

My dad is now a travel agent! He is that travel-someone that is on my side. I know my dad is all about the details (an admitted weakness of mine), fights for what is right (I have listened to him call a company that was not honoring a warranty we had for a piece of farm equipment once- he stands firm for what is right!). You would be blessed to have him on your side too. So if you’re thinking about a family cruise, or need to fly somewhere? Check him out and let him give you a free quote. He can be that person on your side too.

Sharing is Caring 😀