Sweet Sorrows


The human heart is both a delicate and mysterious thing.

God tells us to guard this heart of ours (Proverbs 4:23) and also warns us about its deceitfulness (Jeremiah 17:9)!

My heart is in a place of denial. Truly! I don’t really feel like I am leaving Thailand. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to see my family and friends in Tennessee. Saying goodbye to the people who have become close to my heart here doesn’t seem real.

Something about the intensity of this training, going to India and working to accomplish the common media projects have all intertwined together as a pressure cooker of sorts. I love these people. I know these people. We’ve gone through good, easy, hard and challenging times together.

They’ve seen me in tough times. You know those days. Makeup long sweated off your face as you fight for patience despite hunger induced grumpiness and you know the end of the day is not even close. They hug you when they probably want to smack you and you realize this isn’t just a friendship of convenience. You realize that you are brothers and sisters in Christ and your working together.

I am blessed. My heart seems almost amused while watching my hands sort, roll and pack my clothes into my backpack. I think of Abraham in Genesis when God first spoke to him about his destiny. Abraham was called to go to a place that God WOULD show him and so he went to a place he did not yet know. What faith! And? What it comes down to this: God is worthy and His love transforms and redeems lives.

Photograph taken by my friend Alicia Zimmerman.

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