Tennessee Christmas


Home. Being at home. Such a curious sensation! I am so thankful to have my parents to come home to—isn’t that what a home is? Being surrounded by people you love? It isn’t so much a physical building or an exact location. 
A few things I am observing? My backpack has vomited EVERYWHERE. There was an incident with a jar of honey I attempted to bring home for my dad… the honey jar just was not up for the journey! As a result? There was oozy gooey sticky honey all over EVERYTHING. Being at my Mom’s with a washing machine was such a blessing. Plus? Everything that was in my backpack really needed to be washed anyway!  So, my stuff is strewn about everywhere. I really am trying to keep it together in semi-folded piles!
itting still has proven to be an interesting challenge! I run to and fro and cannot seem to stop myself from doing something if I see ANYTHING that needs to be done. 
Going for walks and jogs, riding horses with my parents, Christmas with the family—wow has this Tennessee Christmas been sweet! I’m so thankful for Jesus Christ and the birth of our Savior who gave everything that we might be reconciled to God. That kind of love is incredible. Whenever I try to THINK about God’s love for ALL humankind my mind just spins, but when I abide in God’s love for me? There is nothing sweeter.
A close up of our beautiful tree this year!

Me opening a present while DJ’ing music!
My Family at Christmas dinner!

Me and Cowboy
Ham in the oven!
People have told me that God is still God and you will still hear Him and God is still with you despite the scenery change. This is true. Right now I feel myself running away from God. Reading the Bible but quickly, and not savoring the word like I usually enjoy. Praying for more hunger for God and allowing myself grace in this time of transition… grace. Grace. Grace. And what about distractions? Ahhh distractions.  Also praying for focus in this season. I’m SO excited to see everyone! God is amazing. He is always amazing—this is who God is. 

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