Thankful, Anxious Heart


Change is one of the constants in my life. With certainty I speculate it is a constant in yours too. With the passing of this year, a lot has changed for me. Like an unexpected motorbike accident. Me trying to hold onto precious time with family and friends in the USA while missing my beloved Husband in Thailand. A puppy named Sunday Waffles, coming into my life; she is a gift from God. The thrill of becoming my husband’s wife, and along with that a new home in Thailand. Friendships developing and growing deeper. The Lord has blessed me so much. Only God can add this kind of richness and abundance to someone’s life. 

I’m sitting in my sister’s new apartment. There is a nook, a window seat. I’m wearing one of her snuggly sweaters and peeking out beautiful venetian blinds to glimpse the daylight illuminating an impossibly green yard. Yeah. I know God gave her this place. Moving out on one’s own can be scary. This place will become her refuge though. I’m so proud of her! She is such a compassionate woman, the love in her heart just bubbles over. How cool is God? Typically in Thailand, the ability to be HERE and be ABLE to help her move is a complete blessing for me. Being able to be here with her feels extravagant. I’m praying now that whoever reads this is experiencing some of God’s extravagant love. 

So deep, so wide, so great is God’s love. 

This past week I had the pleasure of studying on campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. I got to see one of my dear friends (Vanessa- who I met as an undergrad student one summer while we worked as servers at the Rain Forest Café!). In addition to meeting up with my amazing friend, I also got to meet her fiancé. I am ridiculously happy for them! After having a several hour dinner together (that felt too short), I checked into my dorm room. Awww, this was fantastic. The week was focused and intense and I learned so much about basic counseling skills. The teachers created a safe environment where we could fail and learn from our mistakes in a way that extended grace that I have never experienced. The facilities were superb. The provost, during our welcome lunch, said their prayer for Liberty was that asking the Lord, to continue blessing them that they may open their mouths to bring God glory. And, the moment they stop glorifying God? He asked that God would also turn off their favor. Before and beyond everything else, Liberty is there to equip people to excel AND to share the hope and life found in Jesus. It was a powerful experience. I am proud to be a Liberty student. I also got a chance to meet some online graduate students. I am so thankful. My heart is overflowing! 

My husband is back in Thailand, waiting for me. Getting ready to run a training course called the school of frontier media. He blesses me so much too. I am touched to see his passion for teaching and the way he is after Gods heart. I’m looking forward to us being in the same country again. 

I’m reminded that this place is our temporary home. The sweetness we experience here is just a taste of what Jesus has for us. It’s not always easy, but seeing our Savior love us between the joy and the agony, everything in between, gives me comfort. God’s gentleness, God’s tenacious love, His steadiness have always soothed my anxious heart. Love and hugs to you dear friend.

Sharing is Caring 😀