Thankful for Moments


So, in the laced inside my time in Tennessee there are these moments. They seem to come out of nowhere— these exquisitely precious God encounters. They are slow moving seconds squished together from hurts and love and God. I’ve had the ability to speak God’s love into these pieces of some friends’ lives since being back. If I were in the United States for ONLY these moments? That would be enough! But its so much more! The longer I know God the more I realize He is working EVERYTHING for our good, truly. Sharing with someone who is on the cusp of realizing that they are both imperfect, and incapable of perfection is fun. WHY? Because I also get to tell them that they don’t need to be perfect— not because of who they are but because God is God. And God LOVES them. Exactly. Where. They. Are. 

Doesn’t that take your breath away? 
And God loves YOU too, exactly where you are. Each time I share about freedom from perfection, the perfectionist in me trembles and eases up a bit more each time because I’m learning it too. 

My heart feels thankful. For all of you. For time here. For the opportunity to study counseling and Thai language in Thailand. For life. For this day. For God’s love.

A moment captured on a feature outside of Chattanooga’s Aquarium

Another moment as a musician played at Chattanooga Art Festival. Her throat sounded raw but she sand her heart out despite its protests. I wondered about her story. 

Sharing is Caring 😀