The First Paper Plane


We are so excited about this! Carla and I have taken the opportunity that marriage (coming!) has given us to finally get around to creating a one-stop place for our various supporters across the world to get in contact with us, or see what’s new. We are not completely how this little endeavor is going to look like, but we hope that it accomplishes the big goal; to be better communicators of what God is doing.

The first job that this site will be for will be for communicating about our up-and-coming weddings. We hope to have all the relevant information at your finger-tips! The site will probably look and behave a certain way, and then post-weddings it will converted into something a little less intense…

We look forward to meeting everyone in the coming months. This year is going to be extremely interesting, as well as stressful and busy, but we step forward with God in love and trust.

Consider this the first Paper Plane!

Up and coming news to stay tuned for: weddings, why “Our Paper Plane”, newsletter details and changes.


– Keegan and Carla

Sharing is Caring 😀