The Glass Door, and great provision!


Wow, talk about an eventful few days!!? So on Friday I did something a little silly…. I walked through a glass door πŸ™

Essentially, I just didn’t see it, I was walking towards someone in a bit of a hurry, my head broke the glass, and my hands went through the broken pieces. My friends were a great help, and I was, quite unwillingly may I add, taken to the hospital.

There I was treated and was stitched up a fair bit, 7 on the left arm, and 12 in total on the right arm, hand, and knuckles.

It’s not really that bad, just a cool adventure, and a fair amount of a little bit of pain… Unfortunately, even after a discount from a friend, I racked up a sizable little bit of a bill. As well as that, I needed to have, and still need to have, my bandages replaced a number of times. Plus I want to help fix the door….

So the bill cost 7,410thb, a few new trips to replace bandages etc. will cost about 1000thb, plus another 2000thb to take the stitches out. To try pitch in the window I’m trying to get 2000THB so that’s a total of 12,400THB. Because of that, I was, understandably, struggling a bit to pay this months rent!

But in a matter of days, God delivered all of it!

The night of the “incident” as Carla is calling it, I started this GoFundMe page and right now I am over the needed amount. How cool is that! God has been so faithful, and I am crazy blessed to have some great friends that seem to know when to pull together to help out in times of need. I have now done four campaigns, for all sorts of needs, and although not all have gotten to 100%, they have gotten really close, or well over! 
I have been consistently surprised by the generosity that is shown during these things, and it’s been a wonderful way in which God has provided for me. Its been a great way of showing me the great hearts that people have out there πŸ™‚ 
Right now, my hands are in recovery, but they are healing well, and I’m excited to see them without bandages, hopefully later this week! Plus, it’s Christmas soon, so there’s that!?

Sharing is Caring πŸ˜€