The schools have started, here we go!!


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For the next six months, we have some brand spanking new faces around us! The School of Frontier Media, and the Visual Arts for Missions school, have begun their terms. Keegan has been working super hard this year to make sure that this year Create Thailand delivers the very best schools we possibly can, and now we’re hopefully going to see the fruit of all that work.



The SFM: Keegan, Ratna, Chase, Prince, and Alfiya (staff)


The VAM: Richard, Prabhu (staff), Alice, Julia (staff), and Bruna (leader)

The first week of the schools is arguably the most important week of the schools. We run the Equip2Go seminar, as well as do a tonne of orientations on Thailand, Create, the schools, visas, the list goes on. The week went very very well, and in fact, may very well be the best first week I’ve seen in my short time with Create schools.

We then completed two more weeks, one in Media Strategy, and we’ve just finished Ethnoart. Next week, the schools will split up to start on skill development based around their niche subjects.

We’d love if y’all could pray for the schools and their success. These students have dedicated this half-year to up-skilling and development because they want to see the Kingdom of God extended throughout the world, they have a heart for the lost, and they’re following the Lord and His calling on their lives. But it certainly isn’t easy and doesn’t come without a cost. Pray that they would thrive and love their time with us.
The first week is just chock full of amazing stories, facts, and media, but I have to say that this is probably my favourite video we show. Please take 5 minutes to watch this small clip.

I promise you’ll love it.

Thank you for your prayers, for your support, and your encouragement! We love that we have such awesome family and friends 😀

Sharing is Caring 😀