Tick-tock, Click-Clock


For the next 12 hours I am going to be hanging out with God. Praying. Worshiping. 

You might be thinking, “Carla, why? What’s up? And what’s going on?”

I am praying for a myriad of things and will mention them as I go with periodic (I can’t say hourly!) updates. This is a prayer fundraiser too. I want to continue serving God and your contributions and prayers enable me to say yes to God. 

Getting to live and work with people from all over the world has helped me become more aware of my own culture-ness. I mention this because I notice my compulsion/desire to plan and attempt to control in contrast to cultures that don’t have this compulsion. Sure there are places and spaces when this is necessary and an asset, but God said not right now.

I’m… a bit intimidated by 12 hours (if I’m honest), but also excited about this time with the Lord.

If you are not able to support, no pressure, expectation or obligation. I REALLY and TRULY appreciate your prayers in this area of finances. Thank you for praying. If you want to make a one-time or monthly donation click here to be taken to my AWESOME home church’s secure website!

Grace, Roy, me, Rebekka, Rachel and Julia at our first Art Gallery show taken earlier today.

The school I help run, Visual Arts for Missions, finished the lecture phase of the school today. 

I am SO proud of each of these students, the men and women of God they are becoming and watching them grow as artists.

On Monday we leave for the Himalayas for an art expedition. We will be creating a motion graphic resource to share WHO God is in a contextual/real way. Click here to see a video about our upcoming trip. 

Sharing is Caring 😀