Hello you! 
The time is nearing for me to take flight! Wow! I will be leaving Nashville on Thursday the 24th. Some of you hear my say this, and I tell you, I am BLOWN away by your prayers, love, support, encouragement, and giving. My family, church family, and friends: I love you. There is NO way that I would be able to go on this mission journey with YWAM to New Zealand except by God. Thank you for your commitment to walking with me. I am delighted, overjoyed, and humbled. I am praying that you would be abundantly blessed!
With the recent earthquake I wanted to let everyone know the YWAM Oxford base is fine—I spoke with the YWAM staff yesterday. They said they were far enough away to feel the shaking for a minute, but there was not any damage. Therefore, the classes at this base are scheduled to begin this weekend (there are 3 different schools starting!) with a total of 55 students. YWAM is currently accessing the earthquake situation and how to help out during this time. Please be praying for all those affected by the earthquake and those that have lost loved ones!
The photos on the slideshow currently are from my last week at work. This was such a tender farewell as this chapter in my life came to a close. Saying goodbye to Mid-South Ceramics Supply and The Clay Lady’s Studio, Artist Co-Op, and Gallery– and the wonderful people there.
The last year has been a transforming time in my life: walking with the Lord, attending Brentwood Baptist and Kairos and Oasis (Sunday School), and through work. So, with a little sadness and much joy about the future I have said, “Until I see you again!”, and “See you in a little while!” to many of you, AND I am taking you all with me in my heart.
There are last minute errands that I am running and finalizing today, and in the midst of these tasks I pause, often, and check to make sure that I am awake– that this is really happening! God is SO good!

Sharing is Caring 😀