Why Media?


I know your favorite parts of my updates are the photos. They really are worth a thousand words. How much more does a video convey experience and promote understanding? In past generations the accepted communication vehicle was print. We were reading a lot of newspapers, magazines and books. There is still room for print in our lives—I’m not saying “do away with these.” I love the feel of a printed book in my hands! And? God has invited me to be a part of cutting edge technology with Him and for furthering His Kingdom.
Learning about the art of digital Photography this week.

Oral communication is something that MANY cultures share. Movies, television and the internet are the top three influences of youth globally today. Within the approximate 3,000 Unreached People Groups, 60% cannot write. In fact, most of these people groups prefer oral communication. 
Monks getting ready for prayer at a temple near where I live.
Through technology there has been a transformation into digital era. Photographers are using memory cards more than film with their cameras. Kindle lets us upload ebooks with ease on a single device and helps us not carry around so much weight in our laptop bags! Having lived out of a backback the last year or so? I really appreciate that!
We “Google” for information. Looking to Wikipedia as a starting place for new topics, typing in words like, “free ukulele lessons” on youtube to learn, and uploading favorite pastors podcast to Idevices. Going to Facebook we can SEE what our friends are doing all over the world. Not only effective, media is also educational, allows 24/7 access and has the potential to become viral because of the interconnectedness ushered in through internet.
We are all connected to one another. This is a photo I found online.
The vision? Create media resources which are culturally relevant to specific people groups who have not yet heard who Jesus is in a comprehensible way.  There are many obstacles to communicating successfully cross culturally and we prepare with research and prayer and training. Our team is going to be creating two evangelistic films for unreached people groups in the next six months. One is for the university students of Chiang Mai and the other is for a people group in India. We are SO excited to be partnering with God and Create International on this. These films will be tools that long term missionaries serving on the front line AND short termers that come along side will be able to utilize. This media will multiply efforts and circumnavigate barriers of language, space, time and literacy. What an amazing God we have.

Here we are: The School of Frontier Media. We are a creative group from around the world focused on making God known AND having fun while we do it!

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