Will you marry me?


The LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. –Psalm 118:23
“But, I’m the one IN the photos!” I whispered to Sharon. This was yesterday. And Sharon is a dear, dear friend who offered to take our engagement photos. Thai-university students watched and quietly laughed as we giggled and posed for photos. I remember doing this for some friends of mine a couple years ago! This felt surreal!

Actually being the one in the photos, the one getting married is wonderful and new.
Keegan and I had been speaking about marriage for a little while now actually. Coming from two different places geographically adds extra levels of complexity (I’m from the United States and he is a South African from New Zealand).
We both love God. We met each other serving God in Thailand a little over two years ago.

Confession: I always hoped I would meet my future husband serving together.
·      I prayed that we would be a team.
·      I asked God that the sum of us together would be exponentialfor the Kingdom of God.
·      I hoped that we would both have a heart for missions.
·      I also asked God that my future husband would be an intelligent, creative, caring, silly, and patient (Keegan is all of these things and more).
“Don’t look for love, Carla,” my mom said in response to my curiosity about when I would meet my future husband. “Love will find you when you’re not expecting it,” she added. My mom was right.
My favorite thing about Keegan is that he is my best friend. He asked me to marry him a week ago. Actually, all of my wonderful neighbors and friends here in Thailand were in on the surprise! They were very good at keeping this a secret!! I was impressed! So, our sweet little back yard came to life with a sprinkling of candles and flowers, with yards of twinkle lights dangling around the perimeter. This looked so romantic!
As I stepped into the yard, the first thing I noticed was my parents were projected onto a huge white screen via Skype in the yard. Keegan knows how important family and friends are to me. So, I nervously chatted with my parents until Keegan took my hands into his own. He asked me if I would marry him, and spend the rest of our lives together following Christ? I said, “Yes!” and then I heard an eruption of cheering and applause from above—it was our friends standing quietly on balcony! Oh, my! Keegan was so sweet with his planning for our engagement. We finished the night with a wonderful picnic and some silly games. Gosh I love him. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. 

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