Pause. Take a deep breath.

Hold it.



Following God isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Though, I’ve never appreciated anything like the things I’ve had to put time, energy and resources into. This applies to things, events and relationships. Especially relationships.

A part of life is transition. Transition is something that I have not mastered. I find it quite hard actually.  Letting go of the known and stepping into the new. Even if the new is GREAT! My heart loves quickly. And? Well, goodbyes leave a sour taste in my mouth. I much more enjoy hellos!

I’m thankful for the stories of the disciples, REAL stories. Not just the good, glamorous and pretty. Oh, yes! Absolutely! We need the stories of transformations and healing and love! Because we are human beings? We need to know what to do with our doubt, accidents, the too little faith. I love KNOWING that Jesus LOVED those ragamuffins!

Matthew 14:25-31 is the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus. This is a favorite story of mine. In the middle of the night Jesus approaches the boat the disciples are on. Which, is in the middle of the sea already. Their first reaction? They think Jesus is a ghost at first! Jesus soothes them and tells them not to be afraid. Then an amazing thing happens. Peter calls out to Jesus. First he asks if it is REALLY Jesus, then IF it is? Would Jesus invite him onto the water?

Ahhh!!! Can you image? Asking Jesus to ASK YOU to walk on water with him.

I am imaging this!

Know what else I think? I think Jesus WANTS to invite Peter. No pause. No hesitation. A ready one word response: Come.

When Peter asked Jesus to come? Do you wonder what his anticipated response was? Think about how wild walking on water with Jesus would be! Can you place yourself in Peter’s place and embrace the feeling between receiving an INVITATION to come and then looking down at the undulating water from inside the solid wooden boat?


Between a solid place of knowing and the hope of dreams and wonder. Peter swings his leg over the boat ledge. Maybe one at a time. Not in the boat completely but not quite all in the water. Ahh, but we know we can’t stay in the in between place long.

No sir. Transition ain’t easy.

Then? Taking the first few tentative steps on the water! WALKING ON WATER! After which maybe Peter stood up quite tall? He was walking on water!


The verses say the wind distracted him. I wonder if it was because he turned to see who might be watching him first? I’ve wasted too much of my life comparing it to other people and how they are doing something. I don’t want to do that anymore.

Right now? I’m swinging one leg over the edge at a time. Slowly, slowly with my eyes on Jesus. I want to encourage you if you’re reading this and also going through change.

Change is the only constant we have. Keep your eyes focused on God. No matter what your boat is– that thing you are stepping out of? God is ready to catch you. Immediately, when Peter cried out as he began to sink? Jesus caught him. Press in and remember the last thing God spoke to you. Jesus WANTS you to walk on water with him. He wants you to.

Even though following God isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done? There isn’t anyone or anything else I want to follow. God is incredible. Oh, how I love Him.

Not a sea. A park fountain I run beside. 

Sharing is Caring 😀