You Hear God


When my much more freaked out and timid self began hearing God’s invitation to journey with him to the nations, there was a lot of fear. In my own mind there were thoughts beckoning me to remain safely where I was. Tempting me to remain in the middle of the things that I already knew so well. And also fearful thoughts that threatened walking away from my life as I knew it could and would result in my complete destruction.  
There was one voice that said, “trust and try.”
I’m thankful for loved ones that said, “go.”
I’m thankful for God’s invitation being so clear that, even in the midst of seeming chaos, I knew this was God. In just 35 days I will return to the nation of Thailand. 
You hear God’s voice too. He speaks to you. I encourage you to take that step. You know the one— and however big or small it is? I know, believe and trust that the God of the Universe will meet you there. 

Sharing is Caring 😀